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I remember how excited I was after purchasing my first SLR camera in 1989.

  • Nikon n8008 camera + two kit lenses: Check
  • Photo session complete: Check
  • Drop off film for development: Check
  • I picked up the 4x6 prints three days later, and…
…I began to pace back and forth…
  • muscles started to tense up: Check
  • Tightness in chest: Check

I thought to myself, “all this money, and my “camera” doesn’t work!”


The clerk knocked me out of my trance when he asked…

“Is there something wrong?”

“Ummm, yeah, most of these images are as white as snow, and the others are blurry; why is that?”


Long story short…

…he handed me a few photography books, and my journey as a photographer began.

It took me years to hone my photographic skills... on film.

1990(ish): One of my first attempts at Landscape Photography... fail!
parker photographic
2022: The fundamentals I learned thirty years ago are still a vital part of every image I create.
With digital, the learning curve isn’t as long (or as expensive as film).

But I still see photography forums and Facebook groups with images containing the same mistakes I made when I started.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

My mission is to help teach the world how to create better images (in weeks instead of years).

So, I "developed" (no pun intended - or was it) PhotoMation to help you achieve your creative vision!

What is PhotoMation?

PhotoMation is the journey of learning how to transform your ordinary snapshots into extraordinary images.

I'll be your host and guide along your photographic journey.
Iai as a photography beginner
Before taking my classes, Iai was taking snapshots like this.
After learning from my classes and Youtube vids... Iai is now a "Scroll Stopping" artist!

What is the
PhotoMation Community?

The PhotoMation community is a friendly and photography-focused community that provides a better platform for learning photography.

All genres of photographers can elevate their photographic skills in a more productive, useful, and time-efficient way than you’ll find on Facebook or other online communities.

What's Included?


Live Events

Every month, I’ll host at least two photography-related webinars.  

We’ll cover a specific subject, and I’ll answer your questions. Events will last up to one hour. 

All events will be recorded and archived for viewing.

Note: I have two additional webinars that I’d like to do (per month - recorded and archived). However, this will be dependent on participation…
  • Blind Critique - you can anonymously submit three images for critique.
  • Edit Your Photo - you can anonymously submit one image for editing {tips}


Peer Critiques

Sometimes it’s helpful to gain advice from your peers (not just myself).

There will be a dedicated space for requesting critiques.

I’ll respond to all critique requests within reason; If you post multiple images (at one time or per month) I’ll comment on one.


Free Resources

A space will be dedicated to instantly download Lightroom presets, 87 Photography Cheat Sheets, educational PDF's and more to come.


Teaching the world to sing...

In PhotoMation, you’ll find the following types of spaces… with more to come based on membership feedback.

  • Photo Share
  • SOS Image Help
  • Photo Education
  • Latest Photography News
  • Quote of the Day
  • Gear Talk
  • Live Event Replays {48hrs}
  • Monthly Photo Challenges


Become a Scroll Stopper

For those that wish to elevate their photographic skills to a whole new level {faster} can access the following…

  • Image Breakdowns
  • Editing Breakdowns
  • Networking {think Instagram/Twitter share}
  • Member Hall of Transformation {Exclusive: HoT Badge}
  • Leaderboards
  • Discounts
  • Monthly Photo Challenges
  • Original Photography Masterclass
  • Original Lightroom Classic Masterclass
  • Premium Presets + Actions
  • Priority access to a la carte Mentoring + Rapid Fire

What is a "Scroll Stopper?"

A “Scroll Stopper” is an image that is so spectacular it not only stops a person from scrolling but makes them say, “Wow!”

You can create Scroll Stopper images when you’re ready to elevate your photographic skills.

Are you ready?

How much is all this going to cost?

Once the doors open… it will be FREE… for a limited time… with some restrictions.


The following are not included…

  • Mentorships {available a la carte}
  • Rapid Fire Critiques {available a la carte}
  • Premium Presets/Actions

Also, you’ll have limited time access to the premium courses and live events. For courses, you can purchase a la carte. And for Live Events, you can watch for free up to 48hrs after the event (once premium membership starts).

Some time later in the year or early next year a Scroll Stopper membership will be required to receive everything for $10 per month. 


For those that would like a faster path to becoming a “Scroll Stopping” artist…

1-on-1 Mentorships: 30 and 60 minute live sessions where I’ll critique your images, provide editing tips, and answer any questions you have. Recorded and available for download. 

Inquire for pricing.

Rapid Fire Critiques: Submit up to fifty images and you’ll receive at least 15 minutes of a recording of me critiquing your images. Plus, I’ll answer any of your questions that are pre-submitted. Once completed I’ll provide a download link. 

Inquire for Pricing

NOTE: Each month there will be a limit to how many I can schedule.  Once reached, you can pre-pay for the following month.

letchworth blue hour sunrise

87 Photography Cheat Sheets

Homework will be assigned as well. This will involve studying video tutorials in the photography course before the live event.

This will help you get an understanding of the core concepts we’ll cover live.
Photography Masterclass-Version-2

Off-Line Training

A beautifully designed e-book of everything you’ll learn is part of the workshop too!

You’ll find 209 Pages of written content to guide you while watching the video tutorials. You can download the PDF file to your smartphone and/or tablet to study while offline.

Plus, I’ve added?? Images for inspiration and to support the content covered in each section.
photography cheat sheets

27 Photography Cheat Sheets

If you don’t have a photographic memory like me, then these photography cheat sheets will be immensely helpful. 

Either print them out or download them to your smartphone to take your photography training with you!

Forget which camera setting to use, no problem, refer to the cheat sheet for the answer!

In a hurry and don’t want to re-watch a 5 or 10-minute video? Review the cheat sheets for a quick answer.

Submit & Reviewed

You’ll have the opportunity to submit up to 10 images for my professional review.

Before week 1, I’ll review your first 5 images and will provide a recording of how you can improve your images.

After week 4, you’ll submit another 5 images for another round of reviews.

You’ll receive lifetime access to the reviews.
photography terms

Supporting Documents

As part of this workshop, you’ll also receive some additional resources to assist with your learning.

This will include a PDF file of 142 words you should know as a photographer and a list of blog posts for your review.
photography facebook group

Facebook Group

You’ll receive a special invitation to join 8,568 other photographers and me in our private Facebook Group.

You can continue sharing your photos with like-minded photographers to get continued feedback.

An excellent source for building your confidence… and then, someday giving back to the community by sharing your knowledge with others that are at the same point as you in your photography journey.

Share. Learn. Grow. That’s our motto.


ruby throated hummingbird


This is perfect for photography beginners with zero to little experience and those that are re-learning. Also, any camera will do.


How much time will I need to set aside for this photography workshop?

I recommend setting aside a minimum of 7 hours per week. This will cover the live event, homework, + photo assignments.

However, the more time you invest the more you’ll get out of the program!
What Time Are the Live Events?

All live events will happen on Monday evenings. As for the time, we’ll try and pick one that will work for the majority of participants.

However, if you choose a private workshop, you’ll have more options for the day and time.
What If I Can’t Make It for the Live Event?

If the time or day isn’t right for you, that’s o.k. The event will be recorded and available the following day.

Plus, if you have any questions, you’ll be able to submit them ahead of time, and they’ll be answered accordingly.

Here’s What You’ll Receive

209 Page PDF e-Book

The full, no-fluff, 209-page e-book that includes everything you’ll learn during the 4-week workshop… plus a whole lot more!

Perfect for off-line use.

27 Photography Cheat Sheets

Photography cheat sheets are designed to provide quick answers when you’re stuck and or need a refresher. 

You can either print them out or download to your smartphone.

An Hour Of 1-on-1 Training

Includes two 30 minutes of 1-on-1 training. One before the first live event and one after the last. 

Private sessions can consist of anything you need to improve your photography.

Image Critiques

I’ll critique up to 5 images before you start the live events. This will give us a chance to see where you are and how to improve. 

Another 5 images will be critiqued after you finish the program… with more pro tips to continue improving.

4 Live Events

During the Live Events, we’ll review the prior week's tutorials, homework, and assignments.

Plus, I’ll answer all your questions.

Photography Masterclass

You’ll receive a lifetime membership to my online Photography Masterclass.


There are over 18 hours of content, from photography fundamentals to more advanced topics.

Photo Assignments

Each week you’ll have one or more Photo Assignments to complete before the next Live Event. 

These will help re-enforce what you’ve learned and help you create better images.

Show 'n Tell

Participants will have their Photo Assignment critiqued live from Week 2 through Week 4. 

Plus, get tips on how to improve your images.


Homework will consist of watching and studying video tutorials assigned each week.

Pro Tips

It’s like having your own personal photography mentor with 33 years of experience guiding you on how to improve your images!

Supporting Documents

Additional documents include 100+ photography terms all photographers should know and blog posts for follow-up study.


Your photographic skills will gradually improve as you progress from one week to another. Along with it, your confidence will too!

Your 1 Time Investment...

Virtual Group Photo Workshop

{Maximum 12 Photographers}

Coming soon.

Join our free community to learn while you wait.

Virtual Private Photo Workshop
{Just you & I!}

Starts in January, 2023

How it works...

Step 1

Choose and book one of the options above.

Step 2

Complete the questionnaire sent with your invoice.  Both group and private workshops will have the option to suggest the best times (and days for private).

Note: due to New Year's Day starting on a Monday, January 2023 will start on the first Tuesday.

Step 3

Up to 4 weeks before the live event, you'll upload (via a form provided in your receipt) 5 images for my review.  I'll use this opportunity to see where you are and will record a critique + tips for improvement.

Step 4

Schedule your first 30 minutes (instructions provided in your receipt) of 1-on-1 mentoring at least 7 days prior to the first Live Event.  Most days and times are permitted based on availability.

Step 5

You can begin the online Photography Masterclass and Supporting Documents at any time… if you’d like to get a head start.