3 Photoshop Light Effects… Made Easy

Is your photo missing something? Or maybe you want to make the light more dynamic? Look no further. This Photoshop pro tutorial includes 3 ways to enhance your photos with, well, light!

You’ll learn 3 popular Photoshop light effects to enhance your photos. This includes the golden hour effect, lens flare, and light leaks.

Get ready to transform your images with this Photoshop light effects class. Includes everything you need to create these popular effects in Photoshop.

Light Effects

Learn How to Create 3 Popular Light Effects in Photoshop

  • Golden hour effect
  • Lens flare
  • Light leaks


Included with this course are the images used in each lesson. Use them to follow along as you learn!

This is a great way to improve the learning process. Plus, submit your practice files for feedback!

First, you’ll learn about the 5 tools that are used throughout the course; Adjustment Layers, Adjustment Layer Masks, Curves, Levels & Gradients.

Then, you will be able to confidently use them while watching the lessons.

By the time you’re done with the course & practice files, you’ll be able to achieve the same look on your own photos.

Each lighting effect is taught in bite-sized, step-by-step lessons to better grasp each step of the process.

You will also see how different Blend Modes affect the final results, how to use opacity, keyboard shortcuts and much more.

A comprehensive resource file is included that has all of the keyboard shortcuts used throughout the lessons. And, each video will display the keyboard shortcut used at that time!


This Photoshop Pro tutorial includes everything you need to know to create 3 popular lighting effects.

You’ll also find file resources to use along with the class… to practice what you learn.  


However, some basic knowledge of Photoshop is recommended. 

Either way, I’ll show you step-by-step how to create 3 different lighting effects in Photoshop.  

Yes!  This is one of many Pro tutorials available to subscribers.  

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This Pro Photoshop tutorial was created in Photoshop CC.

However, you can still learn the technique in older versions of Photoshop, like CS6 or newer.

Yes! All Pro tutorial resources are yours for life. However, all images provided are for training purposes only.

You cannot share, sell or use any images for your portfolio.  All images are copyrighted by Parker Photographic.

You’ll have access to a “classroom” where you can ask questions.

I provide my 30 years of experience as a pro photographer (and as a user of Lightroom for the past 12 years) to help you achieve your creative vision.

As a pro subscriber, not only do you get every pro class, but you also get me as your mentor. 

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