68 Custom Photoshop Light Overlays

This Photoshop light overlays effects pack includes 68 sunray overlays (and some sun flares too) for Photoshop (works with GIMP and Photoshop Elements too). Quickly and easily add sun rays and/or flares to your images…

Add A ‘Lil “Flare”
To Your Photos!


..plus, easily change the colors, re-size, rotate and more.  Video tutorials are included to show you how to use, how to customize them for your photos, and more.  All of the Photoshop light overlays are hi-res, PNG files that can be used on any size image.

If you’ve ever wanted to enhance your images, in Photoshop, by adding more light… now is the perfect time to take advantage of this Photoshop light overlay effects pack.

Instant download with an a La carte purchase or with a Pro subscription. A pro subscription includes EVERYTHING on this site; more overlays, Photoshop actions, Photoshop templates AND over 100 hours of pro tutorials on Photoshop, Lightroom, Photography, GIMP and more!

Premium Overlays


68 Overlays


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Includes 68 custom, pre-made sun ray overlays to add “light” to your photos. Video tutorials will show you how to use the overlays with your images and additional pro tips.

Short answer; No.

This Photoshop class was designed for beginners!

However, we do have some Pro tutorials that are for advanced users too.

Yes! This is one of many Photoshop collections available to subscribers.

Click here to sign-up and start downloading today!

The Photoshop light overlays are yours to keep… forever!

Make sure to make a back-up of your a la carte purchase. There may be an additional fee.

No worries if you’re a Pro subscriber. If your files become damaged or you need to transfer to a new hard drive you can re-download.

However, please keep in mind that sharing is illegal!

You may install our presets on up to 2 computers.  Anything more will require an additional purchase.  Sharing is not allowed!

Any version of Photoshop CS 6 – CC 2020+. The overlays are provided as a JPG file and can be used in any version.

I provide my 30 years of experience as an artist to help you achieve your goals.

As a pro subscriber, not only do you get every pro class and file resources, but you also get me as your mentor.

You can join our private Facebook group to ask questions.  

Plus, you’ll have access to our online community where you can ask questions and network with like-minded artists.

5 Free Light Overlays for Photoshop + GIMP

No email address required to download! Just click the download button next to each image and the file will instantly download.

Each file format is a JPG. Place the file into your photo doc as a new layer. Make sure it is placed above all other photo layers. Next, you’ll need to change the Blending Mode to “Lighten.”
This will remove the black from the overlay layer and reveal the image and the sunray.

You can also re-size the sun overlays as needed. Access the Free Transform tool to increase or decrease the size. Once in Free Transform mode, you can also rotate!

Oh, and you can use these overlays in GIMP too!

This set of free light overlays is part of the full collection above. Purchase a membership to download the other 63 light overlays or purchase a la carte. Although the membership gives you access to hundreds more Photoshop overlays, templates, actions, and more.

Premium Overlays


68 Overlays


fb group

online community

a la carte | $29

  • 68 Custom Photoshop Light Overlays to Enhance Your Photos
  • Online community forum
  • Access to private FB group
  • Lifetime access

Get Everything.

$10 a month

Learn Photography, Lightroom, Photoshop & GIMP.  Plus instantly download all premium presets and actions!

  • 100+ Hours Pro Tutorials
  • 600+ Lightroom presets
  • 400+ Photoshop actions
  • New content every month
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  • 1080 HD recordings
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  • Online Community
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