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575+ Templates Included for Busy Entrepreneurs

If you’re like me, you’re a very busy entrepreneur. In fact, you probably don’t have the time to learn Photoshop and create your graphics from scratch.

Well, good news…

…this course includes 575 Photoshop templates to help you achieve your design goals faster!


21 Advanced Projects for Your Business

Includes 21 projects for creating graphics, creating a website design concept (with Photoshop), re-touching like a pro and more.

Step-by-Step instructions for all your marketing needs. 

Including, but not limited too… Branding, Logos, Flyers, Social Media Graphics, Website Banners, Brochures, and much more.

Retouch Your Photos Like a Pro

Learn how to edit your product photos, personal photos and profile (bio) photos like a pro. 2 advanced projects show you the Photoshop tools to remove those blemishes, stray hairs, tan lines or anything else that you want to remove!


Photoshop CC 2018 - 29 Hours... Photoshop Master Class

29 Hours of Photoshop tutorials with more added every month.

Master Photoshop from a pro photographer. Tons of projects.

Photography Mastery: THE Complete Guide to Photography

THE Photography masterclass. New photography lessons added EVERY month!

Learn photography from a pro photographer.

Adobe Lightroom CC + Cloud, Made Easy, Taught by a Pro

Learn all my Adobe Lightroom CC “Classic” secrets, tips and editing techniques.

Get organized & make your images pop!

A-Z Lightroom Workflow - Taught by a Pro Photographer

Simple, 5 Steps​ to creating your own Lightroom workflow. Includes worksheets + checklist. Taught by a pro photographer.

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Pro Photographer, Photoshop Expert, Avid Lightroom user, husband, father, brother…



I have started using Lightroom since the very first version and very happy with this Adobe software.

But this is my first Lightroom online course. I have been using books and youtube explanations, but I have never taken a real online course.

I have just finished, and I love the way Chris explains the different features.

It’s clear he does know Photography, he knows Lightroom and Photoshop and, the most important point, he knows how to transfer his powerful knowledge to students.

Since English is not my first language, but Spanish (I’ve lived in the USA from 1981 through 1983) I give a lot of weight to the accent, pronunciation and the way the teacher explains himself. So I have to tell you CONGRATULATIONS.

It’s very easy to understand the way you explain yourself.

Your English is crystal clear and so far your explanations are very easy to understand for people with another native language and some level of knowledge in English. Again, thank you very much!

Juan Sol

“The content of this Photoshop course is perfectly structured and expertly delivered. The flow of the content builds knowledge and skills in a logical fashion.

Chris has a really good presentation style. Of key importance, when students ask questions, Chris answers them in a thorough and comprehensive manner.

Highly recommended. Regards.”

Michael J.

“This step by step course is even for me as a Pro Photographer fantastic! Lots of features I was not even aware of. It’s Lightroom from beginning to the end!

The open forum and the search engine makes it all complete. Quick answers and a real community! All the best credits for the creator.

Happy I purchased this course and looking forward to all new courses to come 🙂

Best regards from the Netherlands”

Cynthia Amelsbeek - Rocyka Fotografie