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Hello, and welcome to the Luminar Neo course for beginners

I’ve put together this free Luminar Neo course with 12 chapters to help you learn everything you need to know about Luminar Neo to organize and edit your images.

If you’re new to Luminar Neo, in this video tutorial, you’ll discover why you should use it, why it’s perfect for photography beginners, and why after thirty years of using Adobe products myself, I’m starting to use it more as well.


So, why Luminar Neo? Well, Luminar Neo is a Hybrid of Photoshop and Lightroom without the monthly subscription.

It even includes time-saving editing tools unavailable in Adobe or other editing tools.

Like the instant removal of power lines and dust spots.

You can also enhance your images instantly with the Enhance AI slider. Getting the same results in Lightroom takes a few extra steps.

Plus, it has a built-in Sky AI tool that will allow you to change a plain boring sky into something more appealing without Photoshop.

I also find that the Landscape editing tools are essential for landscape images to quickly and easily enhance any images shot during Golden Hour and/or to enhance the Foliage of a scene.

Portrait photographers will love the four AI tools to make editing and retouching your portraits easier, especially for photographers new to editing.

You can easily adjust the lighting of your subject’s face with the Face AI tool and retouch the skin with the Skin AI tool.

Another of my favorites is to minimize the background by adding more Bokeh to my images.

Those are just a few AI tools that I’m sure you’ll come to love.

If you’re finding Lightroom and/or Photoshop hard to learn or ready to ditch the monthly subscription for a lifetime license… no worries because Luminar Neo is ten times easier to use and learn and has a lifetime license option.

Alright, so check out this Luminar Neo tutorial next to download it for free, or if you already have it watch this video tutorial next.

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