Learn how to blur a background in Photoshop  

Click to download the image to practice what you learn.

Blurring a background in Photoshop is easy.  All you have to do is:

  1. make a selection
  2. feather the selection
  3. add a layer mask
  4. fine-tune the background edges (with the layer mask)
  5. done!

You know what’s even easier?  Blurring the background in-camera!

That’s right, editing starts in camera.  If I had taken the time to choose the proper lens and f/stop, I could have blurred the background in-camera (and saved a ton of time).

Plus, doing so would have provided better results.  Nothing wrong with blurring the background in post-production.  It just takes more time vs. doing it in-camera, and the results are not as good. 

When possible, ALWAYS do as much in-camera while shooting.  Which means, in this case, using the right lens and aperture.

But, if you’re unable to blur the background in-camera, learn how to do so in Photoshop…  better to watch the video tutorial (above) vs. me writing out a long list of instructions.

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